Recent Website Development Projects I’ve Completed For My Clients

Epic Game Design Experiences

Video game design has been a lifelong passion for me. I’ve always been enchanted by the ability to design fantastic worlds and create exciting interactive experiences. For more information, visit my Game Development Portfolio Page.

My Process Produces Quality Results


The first step in any successful project is forming a relationship between myself and the business I am working with.  Getting to know the company that I will be working with is essential.


Designing a website layout or creating a network diagram that suits my client is crucial. A proper, and full, understanding of their business assists me in creating a product that perfectly-fits their company.


Once all necessary information is gathered, I begin rapid-prototyping and development. Using up-to-date standards and only the latest versions of platforms, I begin shaping the foundations of the project.


Efficient quality assurance and product testing yields quality results. Whether it is security penetration testing, site load testing, or creating test-cases for programs, this step is arguably the most important.


Upon completion and after continuous project updates to my client, once they are 100% satisfied and believe they received quality results, I will mark the project as completed. I am always available for future updates and changes if desired.

I’m Here to Create Epic Experiences

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Quality Design