Constricted VR Update #2

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend! Today’s post is going to be pretty short, but filled with information and tough decisions.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been debating the future of Constricted VR and how I plan for everything to play out. Currently, I’ve been working on the second room in Constricted VR, and the overall level layout is nearing completion. Puzzle concepts and ideas have also been designed, and the next step is to implement and develop them. My issue that I’m continuously coming back to is whether or not I want to release the second room as its’ own full game. Before I continue with my reasoning, I am keeping to my word and Constricted VR will have 4 fully-themed and playable escape rooms prior to being brought out of Early Access, and these will all be released for free to everyone who has purchased a copy of Constricted VR prior to full-release. The next room is scheduled to be released before the end of May. Now onto the explanation.

The next room (Impossible Hallway) in Constricted VR was originally meant to be a 60 minute-max escape room that had a little back-story, and included many reality-twisting concepts throughout the room. But I’ve gotten slightly carried away.  I’ve designed an experience that is much longer than an hour or two, with more story than originally planned, and is entirely unique in the VR market. My vision for Constricted VR was to be an escape-room hub where players can hop into differently-themed escape rooms and spend 35-60 minutes trying to escape the room, and continuously try again at later times if they would like. The current state of the Impossible Hallway simply doesn’t fit this vision, but rather fits a separate vision I’ve been trying to work towards for quite some time now. I believe it is in the best interest of not only me, but all of the players who purchased Constricted VR, for me to release the Impossible Hallway as a standalone experience that is more focused on story-telling and less focused on being an escape room (in the traditional sense).

With this being said, I also think it would be exciting to release the next room in Constricted VR as a teaser for the Impossible Hallway full-game. Essentially, the next room included in Constricted VR would be a small hint towards what the full Impossible Hallway game is expected to be. This would be a 40-60 minute escape room, that is played in the same environment that the players will experience in the Impossible Hallway game. Of course, the name is tentative and will be changed by the time the game is released. I do want to ensure all Constricted VR fans and players that the development of Constricted VR will not be hindered in any way by separating the Impossible Hallway from the game. If I decide to go down this route, I will make a post on the Steam page regarding the release of the next room as a full-game and the teaser for the room will be included in Constricted VR.

Over the next few days, I may begin phasing the Impossible Hallway out of my current development build of Constricted VR, and begin solidifying the second room’s layout and puzzle structure. As progress is made, or even completed, I’ll post an update here with some pictures and more fun walls of text, along with my decision on the matter!


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