Constricted VR Update #3

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I’m excited to bring you some awesome news! The next room, Impossible Hallway, is nearing completion! I decided to add an extra area into this room with a few more puzzles, but even with that being added, the room will still be out by the end of this month! Which day, I cannot say – however, by the end of may you will be able to play!

In other news, to those of you who do follow my blog, I’m going to announce here that Constricted VR is going to take part in the Steam Summer Sale this year! “Well, how can you discount a sub-$1.00 game?!?” Great question! I just can, and I will! It’s only going to be a 10% discount, but hey, that’s ten cents back in your pocket! Also, after speaking with some fellow developers, and seeing the current market space on Steam, I have elected to make a few small but impacting changes to my original roadmap for Constricted VR. I’m going to work with a fantastic artist and modeler to update the textures, models, and overall aesthetic of Constricted VR in the coming months. In order to do this, I will need to increase the revenue that Constricted VR brings in, per copy sold. For those of you who have been early access adopters, and purchased this game prior to the end of July, nothing will change for you. Your four escape rooms through the primary course of development, at the cost of $0.99, is staying the same! This is geared more towards those who are going to get into Constricted VR after the entire game is polished to a point where I feel it is worth the cost. The first change is the cost of Constricted VR is going to raise from $0.99 to $3.99. By the time the second room is implemented and both existing rooms are polished, I feel this is still a worthy cost for future players, while remaining affordable in the realm of VR. I’m not asking for $10-$20, I’m only asking for slightly more so that I can continue to increase the value within the game.

Alongside working with this artist, I am also going to release Constricted VR from Early Access around the time the price increase happens. This will allow Constricted VR to gain some more traction to a wider player base. Let’s be honest: some players aren’t keen on the idea of Early Access, and would rather play a finished product. I respect that entirely and I’m working on getting Constricted VR polished to the point that it will not be Early Access worthy any longer. I also believe that after releasing the first two rooms with enough polish and clean aesthetics, it will be less Early-Access focused and more focused on increasing the value in an already-decent game. As stated above, for players who have purchased Constricted VR already, you are NOT going to lose out on anything at all. You will still get your $0.99 worth out of the game’s primary life cycle, along with all four of the original escape rooms. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send me a message through the contact form on my site. Otherwise, I look forward to bringing you the next room in Constricted VR!

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