Constricted VR Update #4 – The Hallway Releasing 5/31!

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some amazing news: the next escape room is being released in less than one week! I’m extremely excited to present this to you all and it has been quite difficult to not present every tidbit about it to you all! The next room is officially called “The Hallway”, and while it isn’t immensely difficult, the puzzles are very unique and varied and the backstory that drives this room is (in my opinion) well-worth playing through. There are secrets within this room that will be revealed by the end – and I hope you enjoy them!

Over the next few days, I’m going to continue squashing bugs and making sure everything performs well, then it will be released! With the Steam Summer Sale coming up soon, as I mentioned previously, I want to ensure that Constricted VR is up-to-par by the time it comes that way everyone can enjoy Constricted VR at an extremely fair price. I’m very proud to say that 50% of Constricted VR is complete! Now to begin the “Escape Early Access” polish phase for the existing rooms.

I have a lot of plans moving forward with Constricted VR, which you can read in my previous update post, but once the summer sale is finished and Constricted VR is satisfactory enough to be released from Early Access, I’m going to begin focusing more heavily on The Hallway full game. The foundation for gameplay is already complete, now I need to start designing and building more of the levels around the story.

I’m sure you all want to see some images of the new room, so go check out the Constricted VR Steam page HERE!!!!

As always, thank you all for supporting Constricted VR! I sincerely hope you enjoy The Hallway and the secrets that lie within!

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