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Constricted VR Update #4 – The Hallway Releasing 5/31!

Good Morning Everyone! I have some amazing news: the next escape room is being released in less than one week! I'm extremely excited to present this to you all and it has been quite difficult to not present every tidbit about it to you all! The next room is officially called "The Hallway", and while [...]

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Constricted VR Update #3

Good Afternoon Everyone! I'm excited to bring you some awesome news! The next room, Impossible Hallway, is nearing completion! I decided to add an extra area into this room with a few more puzzles, but even with that being added, the room will still be out by the end of this month! Which day, I [...]

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Constricted VR Update #2

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend! Today's post is going to be pretty short, but filled with information and tough decisions. Over the last few weeks, I've been debating the future of Constricted VR and how I plan for everything to play out. Currently, I've been working on the [...]

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Constricted VR Developer Diary #1

Good Afternoon Everybody! I hope you all had a good Monday! Today's post is going to primarily focus on the development of the next room in Constricted VR! As I have explained in previous posts, this room is going to be a much more psychological escape experience, rather than a 35-60 minute long escape room. [...]

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Testing Grounds 1: Stencil Buffer Tricks

Good Morning Everybody! I'm not sure why, but impossibilities and mind-bending puzzles have always intrigued me. Ever since I can remember, I've always been seriously interested in the "impossible" and achieving it. From teleportation and time travel to impossible geometries, I've wanted to somehow "solve" the impossible. That being said, this update is going [...]

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Patch 1.01 Release

Good Afternoon Everyone! Below are the patch notes for the first update to Constricted VR! While it isn't anything major, it's mainly an update to address many of the minor concerns players had while playing. There's also a little teaser for the next room beneath the notes! Included in this update are as follows: – [...]

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Patch 1.01 Status

Good Afternoon Everyone! I'm finally back home from vacation and all settled in! I've already begun working on squashing bugs and fixing some minor issues with the current room in Constricted VR. On top of this, I've also started planning out the basis for the second room, which is going to be much more psychologically [...]

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First 24 Hours After Release!

Good Morning Everyone! It brings me great pleasure to announce that Constricted VR has been purchased and downloaded over 100 times as of now! Sure, that's only 100 downloads, but that's 100 unique downloads from 100 people that I don't know around the world playing a product that I solely designed and developed! It's an amazing [...]

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Less than 48 Hours!

Good Afternoon everybody! Today is going to be a relatively short post with a few preview images for the next room (which will be included for FREE with every Constricted VR purchase!)! First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey to getting my game created and published. [...]

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New Rooms and Puzzles for Constricted VR

Good afternoon everyone! I'm going to share some super secret ideas and concepts I've been mulling around with for some of the next few rooms in Constricted VR. Two of the major concepts in VR that I'm absolutely in love with are time manipulation and non-euclidean geometry. One of the primary time mechanics I've been [...]

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